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In Kerala, India, you can combine one of the most amazing holidays with advanced cosmetic or medical dental work by our modern Dental Clinic.We'd love to show you all the possibilities available to you. Our philosophy is to provide you with a first-quality dental care in a pleasant environment with careful attention to details and deep personal respect.
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City Dental Clinic - Trivandrum Kerala India

With City Dental Clinic, you can always depend on great individual care, affordable costs of treatments, convenient opening hours, and a friendly staff that makes every visit the best experience possible.

Advantages Of Offshore Health CareWhy City Dental Clinic?
- Really low costs of dental treatment
- Practically no waiting time
- English speaking medical staff
- Amazing holiday: The best part of Dental tourism in Kerala! ..more
Our City Dental Clinic is equipped with modern dental facilities, technology, equipment and techniques - all of which help us to achieve optimal results.
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Exotic Holidays in Kerala, India - Adventure, Activity and Relax In a special collector's issue, National Geographic Traveller published a well researched compilation of “50 Destinations of a Lifetime”. The only Indian destination that featured in are Taj Mahal and Kerala. ..more
Take some time in reading these small bites of information that go beyond dental hygiene.
Any one of the tips may just be the thing to help you stretch your cash, soothe your nerves, hang onto your teeth and improve your health. ..more
City Dental Clinic's dentists, orthodontists and specialists provide a complete range of services and treatments that covers virtually every aspect of dental care. ..more
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